Friday, February 16, 2007

~Michelle (because you asked) : (Feb 11, 2007):

~ michelle had a Birthday on Feb. 11th, 2007. (Wow! The day before mine!~~"spank*spank")

Now, I know ~michelle doesn't have a blog, (yet!~~however, that doesn't disqualify her for a Birthday Song..)...Why, she has been a companion of mine, at some of Blogland's most trendy parties (umm..see: "Lil Bit," 'bout that.."spank*spank), and every so often, you'll see her comments, and she always makes me smile.

And so, everyone in Blogland, let's wish, ~michelle a Very Happy (albeit, belated) Birthday!!!

(I hope all your wishes come, blow out the candles, and get that blog written & posted!!)

For: ~Michelle
"A song, by Depreche Mode":

Happy Birthday, sweetheart! (spank!) Love, Cain.(aka:Adam)


iwiwag said...


~Michelle said...

why thankyou and happy belated birthday sweety!

I'm sorry to hear that your health isn't so great I hope everything works out ok,

I've been having trouble commenting on some blogs lately, but I am reading or in your case following lol.


~Michelle~ xoxox

~Michelle said...

Oh and I LOVE depreche mode how did you ever know that lol