Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Still Active...Send me your Birthday Day & Month!!

I will continue to play a Birthday Song, for you.

Send me your Birthday day & Month~~(example "2/12")

I will choose a song, and throw a link up too!

Happy BIRTHDAY to you & me!

xx,Bill B./cain


Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Happy (Belated) Birthday, to Pandora SOX :

She was here @ Blogger...and, then she was gone. Now, she's back again: with a new look, a stunning template, and the words which stirred me, from the beginning.

I missed Pandora Sox. I'm so glad she's back; a South African, who I'm sure you'll enjoy getting to know, (if you haven't) or, to check out, once again, if you have.

We share the same sign...our Horoscope reaches across the miles..Water carriers, within this all too small world.

Bless you, Pandora.

Her Birthday was on Jan. 30th, 2007. This is a very special, belated, Birthday greeting.

You can find Pandora's blog here:


The name of the blog is "Angelgirl In Love"....and this song is for Pandora. From a New Yorker, to Africa, Pandora:

Happy Birthday, dear.

See ya, back here, in 2008.

[And, Welcome back.] Shine, my dear, like a diamond.

With Love, Cain. 3/7/07.